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Tiger Love Triangle – In A Theatre Near You!


We made it to the big screen Ma!! – Well kind of…

NCM Media Networks is featuring our single, “Koukai,” off our Play For Keeps EP, on their NCM station, which plays before the pre-movie entertainment show – NCM FirstLook. We are excited to be playing in 19,000 theatres across the country, and we hope you guys like what you hear! Let us know if you happen to catch it – we’d love to hear about it!

In other news…we have a few shows coming up this fall, so we hope to see some new and familiar faces out in support. We are also excited to have new merch coming, including some good ol’ fashioned CD copies of our EP. Stay Tuned!

– Eduardo

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Dog Days of Summer

Its been one hectic summer to say the least:

Brian travelled to the East Coast, Eduardo went to London and Paris, Corey went to Ireland, and Chris went crazy.

Through our travels though, we managed to get quite a bit accomplished in support of our recent EP release. We’ve been working on new material for our upcoming shows in the fall, and we’ll try to float a demo out here or there. We also have selected our first official single off the EP – and hopefully will have a really cool video for it later this year. We have more big news on the way and we look forward to sharing it all soon.

It’s great to be back!

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TLT Webisodes – The Audition

Looking for a singer is easy. Finding the right singer, is pretty damn difficult. For the better part of several years, we scoured for the right voice to fill in the last piece of our musical puzzle, thus making us a whole band.

Then finally, it happened.

Sure, we could write a lengthy and pretentious post about how Tiger Love Triangle came to be. But wouldn’t it be better to show you?

We’ve gone ahead and re-created the moment of our conception –- the moment we knew TLT was complete.  Enjoy!

P.S. Simultaneously shooting, directing, editing, AND acting in a cinematic re-enactment is a little challenging, so we took some ‘creative license’ in re-telling our story.

– Brian

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Play For Keeps EP Has Landed


To say this is surreal would be an understatement.

If you told me eons ago that we would be releasing an EP for anyone in the world, who was brave enough to listen, I would have said you’d have a better chance of flipping pogs without a slammer. Yet here we are (and here you are) with what started off as a smörgåsbord of whimsical sounds in a garage far far away, and has later progressed into what you see and hear before you today. We are fulfilling a mutual lifelong goal of creating music we love, for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

We have no expectations, nor have any idea where this is going to take us, but we are grateful for every single minute and thankful that you are joining us for the ride.

– Chris,

on behalf of Tiger Love Triangle

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