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Tiger Love Triangle is: Chris Lee, Corey Stafford, Brian Thuok, and Eduardo Perez

What first started in Pasadena, CA, as a collaboration project — quickly transformed into a four-piece electronic pop-rock band known as Tiger Love Triangle.

It began with old friends sharing a phone call, a couple drinks, a few demos, and an impromptu backyard show – and it grew from there…

Drawing influences from a variety of artists including Coldplay, One Republic, and The Naked and Famous, TLT blends pop-driven melodies and danceable hooks; all layered to create a massive sound. They refuse to let genres become a creative boundary however, and strive to bring a unique style to every song.

Being firm believers in the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach, the band has gone to great lengths to self-produce their own recordings, direct their own videos, and promote their brand – all while working on improving their live show.

After releasing their debut EP, Play For Keeps, in mid 2013 – TLT has already played some landmark L.A. venues – including the House of Blues. They were also given a national push by having their songs played in retail outlets across the U.S. – which included being a featured artist in over 19,000 movie theaters.

Now, with a slew of new releases around the corner, TLT aims to
continue their momentum and spread their music as far as it will go.